HW3: The Entrepreneurial Mini Boot Camp: Tools and Strategies for Success (Hands-On-Workshop) - Annual Meeting 2020

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HW3: The Entrepreneurial Mini Boot Camp: Tools and Strategies for Success (Hands-On-Workshop)

October 31 @ 7:45 am - 11:15 am



Ashley Hanson, Nicole L. Kelsey, and Gregory A. Toback


Caitlin Darcey

Program Track: Leadership, Personal, and Practice Development

Do you own, or aspire to own your periodontal practice? If so, then you are an entrepreneur! The success and fate of your business depends on you and your ability to develop and lead your team in a rapidly changing industry. Economic threats and pressures to the specialty practice are more numerous and more formidable than previous generations of periodontists ever experienced. However, the opportunities are incredible for those who have a vision and are willing to accept and develop their leadership role. Maybe you have owned your practice for years and know that it’s time to step up your game and compete with the new players in your area. Possibly, you are a newer graduate and you have a goal for owning your own organization and want to know where to begin.

Our formula for developing the high-performance periodontal practice has been proven for the past decade to work for those who are willing to work the system, because it all starts with you. Working on our “growth mindset” allows us to filter the greatest threats and opportunities for our business, while prioritizing those initiatives that will have the greatest impact. This Mini-Boot-Camp will introduce the core foundational principles that build the high-performance practice. Each attendee will have an opportunity to identify the unique areas of opportunity in their own space and learn habits of action that will initiate meaningful change. We will cover the four ingredients in the recipe for the High-Performance-Practice, and attendees will interact with coaches to craft a customized game plan to begin their journey for a bigger future.

Educational Objectives:

  • Comprehend the entrepreneurial growth mindset and how to reprogram our minds to not only accept, but rather “seek” change.
  • Construct a meaningful organizational structure that will be future driven.
  • Acknowledge the importance of systems which build repeatable habits and expectations for your team
  • Gain an introduction to the “psychology of sales.” As periodontists, patients only accept treatment that has been proposed by us. When we accept our role as influencer, we can begin to understand the factors by which our patients say “yes.”
  • Evaluate the role of marketing in practice growth strategies. Participants will explore where they are with marketing of their practice and construct an action plan to expand the unique message that they wish to share with potential patients. Understanding how to position your brand with social media will be explored.
  • Create and implement “3 Key Positions” in the organization that will maximize your time as a clinician and get bottom line results for you and your team.


October 31
7:45 am - 11:15 am
Program Track:


American Academy of Periodontology