GS1: To Save or to Extract: From My 30+ Years’ Experience (Point and Counterpoint Debate) - Annual Meeting 2020

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GS1: To Save or to Extract: From My 30+ Years’ Experience (Point and Counterpoint Debate)

November 8, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 10:15 am PST


Stephano Parma Benfenati

Paul S. Rosen

Dennis P. Tarnow


Purnima Kumar

This exciting symposium brings together four experts internationally acclaimed in a point-counterpoint discussion of saving versus extracting teeth. Immediate placements of implants into extraction sockets is an exciting treatment alternative for our patients. However, there are many potential short and particularly long-term risks which the practitioner must be fully aware of. This presentation will focus on the potential problems and benefits both clinically and biologically when the choice of immediate socket placement is made for single and multiple sites. This will be an evidence-based presentation that will be objective about the best and simplest way to treat these types of cases. On the other hand, patients come to us with teeth-related problems seeking to maintain their dentition if at all possible.  While dental implants may be the needed solution, there are many instances where teeth can still be maintained despite having been deemed questionable or even hopeless.  Advances in our treatment algorithms and materials are enabling us to redefine what is truly hopeless. This lecture will provide evidence to support maintaining ailing/failing teeth.

Educational Objectives:

  • Identify what type of healing takes place against the implant in immediate socket placement
  • Know how to minimize recession with immediate provisionalization
  • Know the proper crown contour for immediate provisionals
  • Identify what are the potential short and long term risks involved with immediate placement of implants
  • List the advantages to regenerative therapy for teeth.
  • Discuss some of the advances in our hard tissue grafting materials to provide enhanced results.


November 8, 2020
9:00 am - 10:15 am
Program Track:


American Academy of Periodontology